Naked and unashamed

People don’t realize that when they judge you they don’t know your story. They don’t know that because you wear skimpy looking clothes to seduce a man, it’s because you feel that’s all you are worth. That you feel codependent on your man beating you because you feel like it’s only tough love because your father did it. They don’t what goes on behind closed doors yet the decide that the book is not worth reading because of what they see on the outside. They don’t see the cuts on your wrists from you trying to numb the pain of your abusive past. They don’t see the number of anti-depresants you have to take from a diagnosis of clinical depression just to have the motivation to get out of bed. This is all too real for women everywhere. Even those that sit next to you on the pew in church. Even those that are in the choir stand singing. Those that are leading praise and worship. Even those that are in the pulpit preaching the gospel. The two pictures don’t add up because we don’t realize how many masks we are wearing to hide it all. It’s time to unveil what’s unerneath and deal with it. Time to come before God naked and unashamed.


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