One thing people fail to realize is that your testimony is a vital part of all you have gone through. It signifies that you have recognized God in your victory even through a traumatic past. If you are in court, when you swear in to testify in a case you have to promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.  The same with your testimony to the world. It is to be truthful, nothing added. The more you add sometimes it gives the testimony a dulled response. Also, you want to make sure you censor those things that need be. Again, sometimes you can add too much information. During this journey of writing my book, I have learned that through the testimonies I write in it, that this is to help someone who has been through a similar experience I have been through with sexual abuse or abuse of any kind.  Now that I see the healing that God has given me, the rest is just part of my story. It was  a painful story, a tedious life but the victory was even sweeter.


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