To a sexual assualt victim this word is the furthest thing from their minds. The thought process is how can I forgive somebody who has put me through a living hell? How can I give them mercy when they didnt give me any? Even after you begged and pleaded with them to stop because they were hurting you. This was a thing of mind control. Not just your body but your mind because they wanted control over something in their own lives. The way to get them to lose control over your life is to forgive them. It’s backwards in concept but the more you hold on to it and the more you give them the satisfaction of controlling your mind the longer that control will remain there. You will not be able to move forward in your life spiritually or emotionally so until you forgive.  Declare your independence from the situation. Even through all of the belittling and low self-esteem you are worthy enough to walk in freedom. The freedom that God can give you through a heart of forgiveness and mercy.


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